140 First Nations students access free driving lessons with RAA

30 May, 2024

In a bid to help close the gap in employment rates between First Nations and non-Indigenous South Australians, since 2022 RAA has provided free driving lessons to 140 First Nations students through its Licence to Work program.

ABS data shows the employment rate for First Nations South Australians is 31 percentage points below non-Indigenous people – prompting RAA to focus its Licence to Work program on helping young First Nations students get their driver’s licence.

Since 2022, RAA’s Drive School has delivered more than 1600 hours of free lessons to 140 students.

Twenty-four participants have already gone on to receive their provisional licence through the program.

RAA General Manager Community & Corporate Affairs Emily Perry said Licence to Work aimed to help young drivers who might not have ready access to a fully licenced driver to practice with.

“Having a driving licence is like a passport to work for many young people,” Ms Perry said.

“Many jobs in industries like trades or hospitality require employees to have a driver’s licence so they can get to work and be independent.

“At RAA we can play an active role in helping as many young people as possible to access driving lessons and the hours they need to attain their licence. We’re really pleased to use our qualified driving instructors to help these incredible First Nations students.”

This year Licence to Work is being offered to students at Warriappendi School, Tjindu Foundation, Mark Oliphant College and Seaton High School.

Ms Perry said RAA embraced National Reconciliation Week as an opportunity to connect with staff, members and community.

“As outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan, we see our role at RAA as educating and communicating with our staff, members and the broader community about the importance of reconciliation,” Ms Perry said.

“This year during National Reconciliation Week we’ve held our third free movie night for the community, where more than 400 people registered to come and see Rabbit Proof Fence, which is such an important yet heartbreaking film for all Australians to watch.

“We were also a sponsor of Reconciliation SA’s annual breakfast and have been coming together with our reconciliation partners and Tjindu Foundation students at Sir Doug Nicholls Round AFL games.

“These initiatives – along with our Licence to Work program – are some of the small ways we’re trying to make a real difference to reconciliation in South Australia.”

To view RAA’s Reconciliation Action Plan, visit