Adelaide traffic levels set to return to normal

9 February, 2022

New data shows Adelaide’s traffic is likely set to return to pre-pandemic levels from next week.

Recent Transport Department figures show there has only been a 4 per cent drop in traffic volume when compared to the same time two years ago. Last week, monitored intersections had 3,880,447 vehicles pass through them – compared to 4,052,760 in January 2020.

RAA Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said, with the majority of South Australia’s students heading back to face-to-face classes from Monday, these numbers are expected to now return pre-Covid levels.

“We think that while volumes are almost the same as they were in early 2020, that won’t be the case anymore, with significant numbers of parents returning to the roads for a final back-to-school,’’ Mr Mountain said.

He said drivers should be aware of the imminent increase in traffic and plan accordingly.

“We have probably become used to driving in less traffic during peak periods since Christmas but we might need to allow a few extra minutes for peak hour trips now traffic volumes have returned to previous levels.  “

Public transport patronage was also well up last week – daily bus, train and tram trips were at their highest levels since around January 2020.