Aussie travellers skimping on insurance

23 June, 2023

New research from Finder shows that 37 per cent of overseas travellers are foregoing insurance in an attempt to keep their travel costs down, prompting an RAA Travel reminder about the dangers of travelling without cover.

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said skimping on insurance could end up having the opposite effect.

“We see this when people have medical emergencies before they travel or while they’re away and have to cut their trip short or cancel altogether,” Gina said.

“Without a level of cover you could be left with really large bills, or simply be out of pocket for all the money you’ve spent on your holiday.

“If you budget for your insurance as part of your trip, you can make sure you have peace-of-mind and you’re protecting your financial investment in your holiday.

Mr Norman said insurance policies weren’t created equal.

“Travel insurance, like lots of different insurance, has different levels of cover and inclusions, which comes with different exclusions as well.

“Some will cover basiss like cancellation and medical expenses, while others will cover luggage and out of pocket expenses too.

“Make sure you read the PDS to know what’s covered and make sure its suitable for your trip.”

Gina also said it’s best practice to purchase insurance as soon as you book your trip, so any money you’re outlaying is protected.

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