Back on your bike with RAA

21 July, 2022

RAA may be synonymous with helping members when their car breaks down, but our patrols also assist more than a dozen cyclists a month to get back on their pushbikes.

Yet many people are still unaware our roadside assistance extends to members when their bike breaks down, according to RAA’s Senior Manager of Road Service Julie Bates.

“We know around 150,000 of our members are cyclists, so we are keen to remind those with Road Service that we can also help when they have trouble with their pushbikes, whether it’s in Adelaide or regional SA,’’ she said.

“Our call out numbers show we help around 180 cyclists a year, and the overwhelming majority of roadside assistance is provided to bike breakdowns in metropolitan Adelaide.

“And not surprisingly, our busiest months for call outs are during the warmer months of the year when more riders are on the road.’’

Ms Bates said if your bicycle can’t be ridden because of a mechanical failure or puncture, you can call us on 13 1111 and an RAA service provider will attend and attempt to fix the problem.

“If the RAA Service Provider can’t fix the bike at the roadside, we can arrange for a taxi to take you and your bicycle to a place of safety or repair,’’ she said.

Ms Bates said if a child under the age of 18 is riding with you and their bike suffers a mechanical failure or puncture, you may also use your roadside assistance benefits for the child.

For a full description of the service offered for cyclists, download our Road Service guide.