Car theft on the rise, RAA warns

4 January, 2023

New RAA Insurance claims data shows car theft is surging, prompting a warning for drivers to keep their vehicles secure.

The number of cars stolen rose by 16 per cent in 2022, RAA Insurance claims records revealed.

RAA Insurance Claims spokesperson Kimberley Bolton said car thefts initially decreased when Covid-19 first spread and people were staying at home.

“However, the easing of restrictions mean more people are heading out to sporting and cultural events, resulting in more cars being left in car parks and on the street.”

“As South Australians flock to our regions during the holiday period and potentially leave the second family vehicle behind, we’re encouraging them to take a number of precautions.”

Ms Bolton said the claims data also showed the most popular makes of car stolen were Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi and Mazda, which reflected the most common make of cars on our roads.

Tips to prevent car theft

  1. Park your vehicle in a garage or carport if possible and install sensor lights in your driveway
  2. If you must park on the road, leave your car in a well-lit area, and always lock your vehicle
  3. Remove valuables from your car, including house keys and important documents which may reveal where you live.

RAA Insurance claims data shows the cars most popular with criminals were four door sedans and wagons.

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