Caught on camera

5 September, 2022

The top ten sites for motorists caught speeding by mobile cameras has been revealed – and the worst spot is on the North South Motorway at Dry Creek.

The top ten sites accounted for almost 18,000 fines worth more than $8.5m last financial year, police figures obtained by RAA show.

In total, more than 107,000 vehicles were caught speeding on mobile cameras at a cost in excess of $47m in the same period.

The huge number of speeding offences has prompted RAA to remind drivers that speeding is one of the fatal five causes of road trauma.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said motorists risked more than a fine and demerit points when speeding above the limit.

“Research shows speed continues to be a major contributing factor to serious and fatal crashes,” he said.

“Even small increases in speed mean you travel a longer distance before you react, combined with a longer stopping distance.

“RAA is urging drivers to stick to the speed limit and arrive safely every time they get behind the wheel.’’

Mr Mountain said mobile speed camera locations were commonly based on reports of speeding vehicles, many of which occurred on suburban streets with a 50km/h speed limit.

“It’s important motorists remember that the default speed limit on streets without speed limit signs is 50km/h,’’ he said.

Mr Mountain said a sufficient amount of signage should be displayed to show speed limit changes and help motorists avoid being caught speeding unintentionally.

He said RAA would work with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport to review speed limit signage at several locations, including the North South Motorway at Dry Creek

2021/22 – Top Ten Mobile Camera Locations       Total Speeding Fines Issued            Value

North South Motorway, Dry Creek                                 5,017                                              $2,846,015

Southern Expressway, O’Halloran Hill                             3,665                                              $1,907,118

Hutt Road, Adelaide                                                        1,899                                                  $734,006

Raglan Avenue, Edwardstown                                         1,586                                                  $610,677

South Terrace, Adelaide                                                  1,262                                                  $485,570

Walkerville Terrace, Gilberton                                          1,035                                                  $398,022

Main South Road, Old Noarlunga                                       932                                                  $387,182

Aldershot Road, Lonsdale                                                    873                                                  $381,752

Hectorville Road, Hectorville                                                861                                                 $336,363