Charge up: Frome Street UPark adds 12 new EV bays

14 April, 2023

Frome Street UPark is the latest electric vehicle charging site to join the RAA Charge network with the addition of 12 new electric vehicle (EV) charging bays installed this month, making it one of the most EV-friendly carparks in the city.

The site joins five other UParks across the city that now offer EV charging, with one more to go at Light Square.

The seven city UParks form part of South Australia’s first border-to-border network of EV charging stations being rolled out by RAA in partnership with the South Australian government.

RAA CEO Nick Reade at UPark Frome Street

RAA CEO Nick Reade said this addition to the network is great news for city workers and visitors looking to charge their cars while at work, shopping or dining out.

“As the state’s largest membership organisation with a strong motoring heritage, RAA is proud to be supporting South Australia’s pathway towards a decarbonised transport system and more sustainable and liveable state.”

The network – which is expected to be complete in 2024 – will comprise a total of 140 sites, spanning from Mount Gambier in the southeast to the Border Village in the far west and all the regional towns in between.

“The network will ensure EV drivers can explore the best our state has to offer; with 98% of charging stations located 200 kms apart, making range anxiety a thing of the past.” Mr Reade said.

Adelaide Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith said, “Globally, there has been a tremendous shift towards EV’s as motorists look to not only reduce their environment footprint but also how much they spend on fuel.

The City of Adelaide has an ambitious target of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city and having more EV’s on our roads can help us achieve this.”

All of the city UPark chargers are AC 7kW fast chargers and support the Type 2 plug.

EV drivers will need to bring their own cable and can use the Chargefox app to find their nearest charging station, charge their car and pay for it.

UParks in the RAA Charge network Address 
Frome UPark 22-30 Frome Street, Adelaide, SA  
Rundle UPark 163/185 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA  
Pirie UPark 191-207 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA 
Topham UPark 52/54 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA  
Wyatt UPark 18-34 Wyatt St, Adelaide, SA  
Grote UPark 82 Grote St, Adelaide, SA  
Light Square UPark (coming soon) 22/140 Currie Street, Adelaide, SA  

To learn more about the network visit