Coming to a site near you – South Australia’s EV charging network

27 July, 2022

Wondering when a charging site is coming near you? Learn how you can stay up to date as we get ready to rollout SA’s EV charging network.

Earlier in the year we announced RAA had been awarded a $12.4 million State government grant to implement Australia’s first state border-to-border EV charging network here in SA. With 140 charging sites providing more than 530 charging points, range anxiety will be a thing of the past as we help EV drivers keep on moving on across our great State.

RAA is well advanced in site scoping works for the network, with preferred site locations already identified. Charging site locations are progressively being confirmed once detailed site designs are complete and site owner agreements are reached. For locations not part of the State Government’s specified network, RAA is happy to discuss future opportunities to install EV charging infrastructure to put your town or business on the EV map.

Andrew Howard – RAA Program Director, Electrical Vehicle Charging said:

“The network will ensure EV drivers can explore the best our State has to offer, with more than 75% of our charging sites located in regional areas of SA.”

South Australia’s EV charging network will see charging sites placed in regional cities, along highways, in tourism hotspots and at popular holiday accommodation sites. The network will be a mix of AC (fast) and DC (rapid and ultra-rapid) chargers to support every kind of journey.

Stay up-to-date on South Australia’s EV charging network

As we prepare to install the first charging sites in the coming months, you can stay up-to-date on the network rollout via as well as here on RAA Daily. To subscribe to receive regular updates from RAA Daily about the roll-out, visit and select Electric Vehicle Updates.

Charging sites will appear via the Chargefox app as they come online so you can identify which sites and charging types are available. The network rollout is expected to be complete by January 2024.

For media enquires please contact us on (08) 8202 8111. To speak directly with the RAA project team regarding site locations and charging infrastructure, please email