Cultural experiences a drawcard for Aussie travellers

6 October, 2023

The chance to experience and explore new cultures is a major reason Australians are still prioritising their travel plans, despite cost-of-living pressures tightening household budgets.

Recent research from Luxury Escapes shows 58 per cent of Aussies are still planning to travel as much as they were previously, with many still keen to tick off bucket-list destinations and experiences.

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said the industry was seeing more and more demand for cultural holidays.

“They’re not only looking for the ‘relax and unwind’ kind of holidays, many are choosing to have meaningful cultural immersions as part of their trips,” Gina said.

“This can include wonderful food tourism experiences – many travellers are saying their choosing their next destination because of the food tourism options available.

Ms Norman said while visiting foreign cultures could be challenging at first, being well prepared would help your trip go as smoothly as possible.

“As always, do plenty of research in advance, starting with the advice on the smart traveller website for your destination.

“If you’re visiting somewhere that has a different language, learn a few phrases before you go – language barriers are one of the top reasons for people experiencing challenges overseas.

“Plan ahead, but leave some gaps in your itinery to venture out, take some local transport and visit some small businesses.

“Body language is also important, so research and learn what’s appropriate before you go.

“It’s normal to feel out of your comfort zone at first, but that’s often the reason you’ve chosen that destination, so do your best to relax and enjoy the diversity.

“Taking a cultural tour can also be a great way to get the local experience, but is a safe and easy way to travel.

“If you’d still like some help or advice, speak to one of our RAA Travel experts at an RAA Shop or on our website.”