Electric enthusiasts get in the zone at Adelaide Motorsport Festival

29 March, 2023

Adelaide Motorsport Festival is back on the festival circuit following a successful two-day event at Victoria Park over the weekend.  

With more than 700 cars on display and a further 238 on the race-track, the festival drew a crowd of more than 20,000 car enthusiasts.   

For the first time in the history of the festival, electric cars, planes, surfboards, motorbikes, EV chargers and home solar and battery systems were on display, with a dedicate space for all things electrical in the RAA sponsored E-motion Zone.  

RAA was proud to partner with the festival to help showcase some of the best and latest in electric mobility, having recently launched South Australia’s first border-to-border EV charging network, RAA Charge, earlier this month. 

This year, one lucky member had the chance to win the ride of a lifetime with Australian motorsport legend Craig Lowndes AM taking them on a hot lap around the track in a specially modified Tesla race car. 

Hot lap winner Christopher Bremner-Macdonald said the experience was unlike anything he had done before.  

“In three words it was exhilarating, exciting and terrifying,” he said.  

“It was silent at the same time as being exceptionally fast. The speed and control of the Tesla was amazing; it essentially drove itself. I wish I could have gone around another 10 times. 

“It really made me feel that electric cars are the future.

At the moment I drive a Ford G6E with 4L engine and I would very much consider getting an electric car after that hot lap.  

“I went back to the Saturday with my father-in-law and he’s not the biggest fan of electric cars, but he was really interested in the technology.  

“Now I just need to convince my wife.”  

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