Electricity cost shock sparks interest in solar systems

31 May, 2022

Our Solar and Battery Storage team’s phones have been running hot since last week’s announcement that electricity prices were surging.

The level of enquiries into our range of solar panels and storage batteries jumped 50 per cent after the Australian Energy Regulator announced a default market offer price rise.

The regulator flagged a rise of up to 3.8 per cent above inflation – a potential $200 annual increase – for householders from July 1.   

RAA Solar and Battery Storage spokesman Ben Halman said the jump in enquiries was not surprising.

“On average people can save between 50 and 75 per cent on their electricity bills – or an average of $1500 per year,’’ he said.

“As well as saving money on their power bills, solar systems also significantly reduce a household’s carbon footprint, which is great for the environment.’’

Solar systems are already popular in SA, with more than 300,000 homes already having panels, according to the Clean Energy Regulator.

RAA has been offering solar panels and storage batteries since 2020, and our sales increased 76 per cent in the second year of operation.

“And this year we are on track to double sales in 2021,’’ Mr Halman said.

“Pleasingly, our customer survey’s also show 95 per cent of customers said they are satisfied or very satisfied with our service.’’

Mr Halman said cost of living was an issue effecting all our members and energy costs were a considerable part of people’s household bills.

“We wanted to tackle high power prices and associated bill shock through the provision of solar and battery services,’’ he said.

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