Federal Labor commits to bringing forward Marion Road upgrades

3 May, 2022

RAA welcomes a Federal Labor commitment to expedite much-needed upgrades to Marion Road should they be elected this month.

The party has matched the Coalition’s $200m commitment to remove the level crossing and upgrade the Anzac Highway and Cross Road intersections. They have also pledged to bring the works forward as part of a project worth $400m with funds matched by the state government.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the upgrades would help South Australians get home sooner and safer.

“This is a welcome commitment to bring forward works that are a priority for South Australia’s road network, and we would hope to see similar commitments from all sides of politics,’’ Mr Mountain said.

“Tragically, more lives were lost on our roads last year than in 2020, making investment such as this crucial to bringing our transport infrastructure up to date and creating safer roads and more efficient freight transport.”

Mr Mountain said RAA had joined forces with Australia’s other motoring clubs to call on all political parties and candidates to greenlight a multi-billion-dollar national infrastructure injection plan.

“The next Federal Government should ensure the more of the funds raised nationally each year via the fuel excise is invested into transport infrastructure to help to pay for this plan,’’ Mr Mountain said.

For further detail about what we’re calling for this Federal Election, view our recent media release – RAA calls for investment to save lives and supercharge the economy.

To tell your local candidate what’s stopping you, visit RAA’s Greenlight Recovery page.