First sites for SA’s electric vehicle charging network to be announced soon

5 October, 2022

RAA is working closely with almost 80 property owners and local governments around the State who are looking to host an electric vehicle (EV) charging site and be part of our roll out of a statewide electric vehicle charging network.

Our staff continue to engage local governments, businesses and other regional stakeholders across South Australia to complete site scoping works for the 140 charging sites, which will form the network.

Earlier this year RAA secured production of state of the art rapid and ultra-rapid DC chargers. We can reveal that the statewide network will feature leading DC charging technology from Finnish manufacturer Kempower.

The first of these DC chargers will arrive from Finland early next year.

RAA’s Sally Probert, Rebekah Quinn and Mark Borlace with one of RAA’s fleet electric vehicles

RAA is one step closer to establishing the state’s first border-to-border EV charging network having the Southern Mallee District Council signed up to host a DC site in Pinnaroo.

RAA earlier this year won a State Government grant worth more than $12 million to create a statewide network EV charging points along highways, regional cities, tourist destinations and Adelaide suburbs.

It’s anticipated the full roll out will be completed by early 2024.

Meanwhile, EV sales in Australia hit 7,247 last month, data released today by the Federal Chamber Of Automotive Industries revealed.

The battery only EV sales were more than hybrid and plug-in-hybrid combined (5,141), the figures showed.

This takes the number of EVs sold this year to date to 21,771 nationally.  

To learn more about South Australia’s EV Charging network, visit our website.