Further fuel savings on offer for RAA members

14 February, 2022

RAA members now have another way to save on fuel expenses thanks to a new partnership with EG Australia who owns and operates EG branded and Caltex Woolworths fuel and convenience sites across the state.

For a three-month trial period beginning today, all RAA members can get a 4-cent-per-litre discount on petrol or diesel fuels by showing their membership card (either physical or digital) at any EG and Caltex Woolworths fuel and convenience store – with no need to purchase any other product.

The discount is available to each member once a day on purchases of up to 150 litres at any of the 36 EG and Caltex Woolworths fuel and convenience stores across the state and in Broken Hill.

RAA Managing Director Ian Stone said the partnership with the fuel retailer EG Australia is just another way of offering members more money saving opportunities.

“RAA members already enjoy discounts on a wide range of items and services, and we are delighted to see these benefits extend to savings at the fuel bowser,’’ he said.

“Our members are already saving around $30 each month through the real-time fuel pricing feature on our myRAA app, so we’re pleased to be offering yet another opportunity for members to save on fuel costs.”

“RAA is always striving to add value to our memberships and will continue to pursue opportunities to do so well into the future.’’

To learn more about the new offer and how you can redeem it, visit our website or download the myRAA app.