Grassroots Giving helps unveil marine wonders

1 August, 2023

When Carmen Bishop heard about RAA’s Grassroots Giving Grants, she knew it was an opportunity worth pursuing.

Carmen is Partnerships and Marketing Manager at Adelaide’s Marine Discovery Centre, which has been on a relentless mission to foster ecological sustainability in school students and the community since 1997.

Carmen and her team wanted to use digital signage to create an immersive experience for students visiting the centre and unveil the wonders of South Australia’s marine life and coastal environment like never before.

The Marine Discovery Centre is one of the 14 recipients of RAA’s latest Grassroots Giving funding round, receiving $5,000 for installation of three digital signs highlighting the Great Southern Reef, local marine species’ Kaurna names in interactive displays.

The Marine Discovery Centre caters to over 7,000 students annually, offering experiences such as VR headsets. microscopes and touchscreens.

The new digital screens with adjustable fonts for the visually impaired and voice activators for the hearing impaired, will make the Centre more inclusive and accessible to visitors of all backgrounds and abilities.

Additionally, the signage will feature English and Kaurna names of the local marine species and other commonly used words and terms, celebrating South Australia’s cultural diversity, while educating students about the Great Southern Reef.

Speaking about the grant, Carmen said, “RAA’s Grassroots Giving fund came to our attention as we were looking for local South Australian organisations to partner with.

“With RAA’s support, we can further enrich the learning experience of students visiting the Centre.

“These new digital signs will bring to light the wonders of the Great Southern Reef, pay tribute to our local marine species through Kaurna names and provide accessible, interactive displays for an unforgettable educational journey.”

Emily Perry, RAA’s General Manager of Community and Corporate Affairs, commended the role of the Grassroots Giving funding in driving meaningful change.

“The grant is more than just financial assistance, it reflects RAA’s commitment to shaping a better future for our members and their communities,” Ms Perry said.

“The impact of this grant will go beyond the installation of digital signage. We hope that it sows the seeds of environmental stewardship, inspiring future generations to cherish and protect our South Australian coastline and marine ecosystems”.

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