Guided tours are booming for South Australian families

8 September, 2023

RAA Travel reports a 200 per cent increase in guided tour bookings over the past 12 months, as more South Australians opt to save time on holiday planning.  

With the hard work and hassle taken out, guided tours allow travellers to unlock tourist hotspots and hidden gems with just one booking – without the endless hours scrolling through Google. 

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said guided tours are fast becoming an option favoured by thousands of South Australian families.  

“Guided tours allow you to travel in your comfort zone; whether that’s going to a new country, somewhere with language barriers, or doing new activities such as camping or water sports,” Ms Norman said.  

“We’re seeing a 330 per cent increase in bookings for longer holidays, and guided tours are a great option to see as much as possible for the time you book.  

“From accommodation to transport, sightseeing experiences and even travelling on ground, guided tours have all the planning done, significantly reducing your stress while on holiday. 

“There are so many options now available, including guided tours varying in luxury and price. 

“Guided tours can actually be a lot cheaper, especially when breaking down the cost on a per day basis, considering all the inclusions. 

“Compared with travelling independently, a guided tour depending on the city and destination is about $247 per day, whereas independent travel for the same thing is around $342 per day.  

“Another benefit is that you can hear from a local expert in that destination, who knows about the beautiful restaurants and attractions you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.” 

There are a few things travellers should keep in mind when booking their next guided tour.  

“If you book on your phone for tours and attractions, you can end up paying around 50 per cent more than those who book elsewhere,” Ms Norman said.  

“Although it’s an option, you can certainly get a better price talking with your local travel expert for recommendations and to find the best price in the market for you.”  

Talk to your local RAA Travel expert to book your solo adventure, or book online at RAA Travel