High speed hot spots revealed

4 October, 2022

Almost ten thousand South Australian motorists have been caught speeding 30km/h or more above the speed limit in the past three financial years, RAA can reveal.

The speeding offences have resulted in fines worth $14.1m in this period, police figures show.

We can also reveal how many high speed offences have been detected in each police Local Service Area across the state (see table below).

The findings have prompted us to remind South Australians of the importance of observing speed limits and driving to the conditions. RAA Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said it was not safe for anyone to travel at such high speeds, regardless of whether modern vehicles had the capability.

“The number of drivers being caught travelling at such excessive speeds, which can have catastrophic consequences for themselves and anyone on or near the road, is extremely concerning,’’ he said

“This is blatantly reckless and irresponsible behaviour, showing no regard for the driver’s safety or any other road users.

“It puts the lives of other road users at great risk and if you make a mistake when travelling so fast above the speed limit, it will almost certainly cost you your life and those in the vehicle if you crash.”

Mr Mountain said vehicles doing 100km/h travels at almost 28m a second and covered a total distance of 42m before a driver’s reaction – typically 1.5 seconds – took effect.

He said total stopping distance of a vehicle travelling 100km/h on a dry road was about 90m.

“When doing 130km/h, the car travels 36 metres every second and it covers 54 metres before you react,” Mr Mountain said.

“Total stopping distance dramatically increases to nearly 140m or an additional 10 car lengths or two B-doubles.’’

Mr Mountain also reminded motorists that roads in regional SA – especially those areas popular with holidaymakers – will be busier than normal during the school holidays which began this week.

 “So, we are urging drivers to remain vigilant and exercise caution,’’ he said.

“Make sure you drive to the conditions, plan regular rest breaks and put your safety and that of other road users at the top of your driving agenda.’’

Total all 30km/h+ speeding offences and fine amounts by SAPOL LSA (FY19/20-21/22)

LSATotal 30km/h+ speeding offences (all detection methods)Total fines amount (incl. VoC)
Barossa799 $1,148,358
Eastern District881 $1,287,501
Eyre Western317 $426,013
Far North549 $750,077
Hills Fleurieu1,162 $ 1,689,165
Limestone Coast270 $369,274
Murray Mallee846 $1,229,076
Northern District1,786 $2,597,319
Southern District1,337 $1,938,040
Western District1,141 $1,671,146
Yorke Mid North647 $935,452
Unknown48 $65,282
Total9,783 $14,106,703