Alarming number of hoon drivers caught in South Australia

17 January, 2022

A record number of South Australian drivers have been caught speeding at excessive levels over the last seven years.

We’ve analysed new SA Police figures which show more than 5400 hoon drivers were nabbed speeding by at least 45km/hr between July 2015 and June 2021, putting themselves and the lives of other road users at risk. The worrying statistics are a 41.7 per cent increase over the seven-year period.

The findings have prompted us to remind South Australians of the importance of observing speed limits and driving to the conditions. RAA Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said it was not safe for anyone to travel at such high speeds, regardless of whether modern vehicles had the capability.

“It’s extremely concerning that increasing numbers of drivers are being caught travelling at such excessive speeds, which can have catastrophic consequences for themselves and anyone on or near the road,’’ he said

“This is extremely reckless and irresponsible behaviour, showing no regard for the driver’s safety or any other road users.

“It puts the lives of other road users at great risk and if you make a mistake when travelling so fast above the speed limit, it will almost certainly cost you your life and those in the vehicle if you crash”

Mr Mountain said vehicles doing 100km/h travels at almost 28m a second and covered a total distance of 42m before a driver’s reaction – typically 1.5 seconds – took effect.

He said total stopping distance of a vehicle travelling 100km/h on a dry road was about 90m.

“When doing 130km/h, the car travels 36 metres every second and it covers 54 metres before you react,” Mr Mountain said.

“Total stopping distance dramatically increases to nearly 140m or an additional 10 car lengths or two B-doubles.’’