Keeping our community safe, even when things get heated

11 May, 2022

RAA Patrol Nigel Rollinson had just finished a job at Mt George last Thursday afternoon and was
on his way to attend to another member at Mitcham Shopping Centre, when he saw some black smoke near the Stirling turnoff on the South Eastern Freeway.

Before long Nigel had reached the cause of the smoke – a van that had caught alight.

Having worked at RAA for 23 years, Nigel is well and truly acquainted with our ethos of lending a helping hand at every opportunity. He quickly jumped into gear, pulling over to assist with his fire extinguisher to help get the situation under control.

Shortly after, Nigel spotted flames coming through the inside of the van and cautioned everyone to move away in case of a potential explosion.

Due to his quick work, no one was injured, and Nigel was able to keep moving and get to his next job without too much delay.

We’re thanking Nigel for going above and beyond to help keep our community safe.

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