Less taxes, more chargers: Helping SA accelerate the drive towards electric vehicles

26 April, 2022

With environmental sustainability a continuing focus for the automotive industry, and more and more car manufacturers moving to phase out the production of fossil-fuelled cars, RAA is championing solutions that will help more South Australians transition to electric vehicles.

South Australia can and should lead the nation in moving to a more sustainable transport future, leveraging the fact that renewables provide more than 60% of our state’s electricity. But common barriers to EV uptake—such as affordability and range anxiety fuelled by limited access to chargers across the State—are holding many of us back from taking the leap.

“Electric and zero-emissions transport is the future both globally and here in South Australia, so now is time for us to get ahead of the curve and help motorists become more confident in making the switch,” our Senior Manager of Future Mobility, Mark Borlace, says.

“We know most drivers are aware of the benefits of EVs and are open to purchasing one, but the current costs are prohibitive for a lot of people.”

“While RAA welcomes recent Government announcements to help in this space, such as a three-year registration fee exemption for new electric vehicles, there is scope to do a lot more to encourage uptake.

RAA’s Mark Borlace with an EV charger at Keith, SA.

“One option is to scrap inefficient taxes such as stamp duty on electric vehicles, which would equate to a saving of around $2,000 on a $50,000 vehicle purchase.”

Another option, he says, is reducing range anxiety by increasing access to a reliable network of electric vehicle chargers across the State. RAA is to create South Australia’s very first electric vehicle public charging network with support provided by State Government. The rollout of 536 chargers will begin in the second half of 2022 and be completed by the end of 2023. Electric vehicle owners will then benefit from ready access charging points in 140 new locations across the State.

RAA is also advocating for any new buildings and precincts to be wired as ‘EV ready’ in their construction, as well as calling for streamlined approval processes for recharging infrastructure in homes, apartments and rental properties.

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