Let’s lift the liveability of South Australia

24 January, 2022

As South Australians prepare to head to the polls in March, RAA is calling on our leaders to help make our State an even better place to live.

As the State’s largest membership organisation—now representing more than 780,000 South Australians— we’ve put forward a suite of recommendations to encourage safer road use, enrich South Australia’s liveability, guide sustainable urban planning and grow our tourism economy.

RAA General Manager Community and Corporate Affairs Emily Perry said it is strong leadership that will help us take advantage of the opportunities on offer for South Australia.

“COVID has affected almost every aspect of our lives, but we need to remain future-focused and put in place measures that forge a strong path through the pandemic and beyond,” Ms Perry said.

“South Australia is in enviable position on a lot of fronts but there are areas we can improve. We need to take action now so we can remain a vibrant, sustainable and wonderful place to live for many years to come.”

RAA’s new election platform, Six for the State, outlines our range of recommendations and is now live. They include:

  • Duplicate the National Highway network in SA
    Duplicating the Augusta, Sturt and Dukes highways by 2050, supporting plans for a Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass and reducing heavy vehicle traffic on the South Eastern Freeway will not only help save lives on the road but will support economic recovery, enhance freight productivity and ensure SA is ready for the introduction of automated vehicle technology.
  • Upgrade Marion Road
    Removing the tram crossing between the Cross Road and Anzac Highway intersection will reduce congestion, improve safety and enhance access for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and tram users.
  • A funding boost for State tourism
    Establishment an ongoing regional tourism grant program to support economic growth in a sector which has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. This will help to revitalise regional town centres and improve local infrastructure facilities to support increased visitation across our State.
  • Advance State cycling networks
    Develop a State Cycling Strategy, including a mapped metropolitan priority cycling network, underpinned by a $10m annual investment in the State Bicycle Fund. Cycling improves physical and mental health, reduces congestion and pollution, and creates safe, thriving neighbourhoods by supporting mobility options for non-drivers.
  • Remove barriers to public transport use
    Overcome the lack of ticketing options that is a barrier to using public transport, particularly for infrequent users by introducing an open digital ticketing system. This will make public transport more attractive, accessible, and easier to use by providing commuters with the choice to seamlessly plan journeys and purchase digital tickets via multiple app platforms.
  •  Improve child restraint fittings
    With approximately 88% of child restraints not being selected or fitted correctly, South Australia needs to improve protection for children by modernising legislation and developing a State-wide child restraint fitting network. 
Image: Getty / Phillip Wittke

“We are also continuing to call for a $600 million road maintenance fund and a commitment to make real-time fuel pricing permanent in South Australia to reduce transport costs for South Australians,” Ms Perry said.

“With the State election less than two months away, we are urging political leaders to ensure good policies don’t get lost in ‘the politics’.

“We are calling for strong commitments to our recommendations as a clear indication the interests of everyday South Australians are at the forefront of their policies,” Ms Perry said.

“As always, we look forward to being an active participant in the upcoming State Election”.

Read RAA’s full election priorities

Image: SATC / Elliot Grafton