Lucky kitten Lulu freed by Wolf

3 February, 2022

It only took little Lulu one day at her new home to show how curious cats can be.

The rescue kitten went missing this morning, 3 February, the day after she arrived at the home of her new owners in Lockleys.

The owners knew she was in the garage, but had trouble tracking her down until they lifted the bonnet of their Toyota sports car and found the kitten stuck between the engine and exhaust.

RAA was called to the rescue and one of our Patrols, Brenton Wolf, arrived around 7.30am to begin operation Free Lulu.

“I had to jack up the car and remove the engine cover to get my hands in and get Lulu out,’’ Brenton, 44, said.

“The kitten was a bit distressed but uninjured, and after a wash and some TLC from the relieved owners she was all good.’’

This was not the first time Brenton had rescued an animal from a car.

“I’ve been with the RAA for almost six years and have also rescued a possum from a wheel arch and a guinea pig, which had made its way into a dashboard and into a locked glove box,’’ he said.

If you need Road Service, or have a pet in a precarious position in a vehicle, call 13 11 11 or book online.