Don’t give $26 away today as petrol spikes

31 October, 2023

RAA is urging motorists to shop around if they’re filling up the tank today, as unleaded prices continue to spike around Adelaide.

As of Tuesday morning there are still around 30 outlets in metropolitan Adelaide selling petrol for $1.80 per litre, compared with $2.19 at most outlets that have put their prices up.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said the price increases are part of Adelaide’s usual unleaded price cycle.

“In the lead-up to Christmas, every dollar counts for South Australian households, and there is an easy saving to be made at the petrol pump right now,” Mr Borlace said.

“With most of the major servos having put their prices up over the last couple of days, drivers should be aware there are still bargains to be had if you shop around.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace

“The easiest way to do that is using a fuel price checking tool like the RAA app, where you can look for the green dots on the map and fill up where it’s cheap.

“If you need to fill up a 65-litre tank before the weekend, it would mean a saving of around $26 if you shop around.

“If you miss out on the cheap prices today, however, we recommend only buying enough petrol to get through to next week, as the prices should begin to come down again then.

“Then once it hits the bottom of the price cycle, many outlets will likely be selling it for below wholesale, so take advantage of that and fill up your whole tank.”

The wholesale price of ULP in Adelaide is currently 184.6 cents per litre.

To find the cheapest fuel near you, download the RAA app.