Drivers urged to fill up ahead of petrol price spike

11 October, 2023

RAA is urging motorists to fill up if they see unleaded petrol being sold for around $1.80 per litre, as many outlets across Adelaide have raised their prices to near $2.20 ahead of an expected price spike.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said motorists could save money by shopping around for the best price available now while some outlets’ prices still remained cheap.

“At a time when household budgets are being impacted by rising costs across the board, this is an opportunity to make a real saving if your car needs fuel,” Mr Borlace said.

“ULP prices around Adelaide have risen at some outlets, but as of Wednesday morning there are still some retailers selling it at the lowest point of the cycle.

“If you need fuel ahead of the weekend, shopping around with a real-time fuel price tool such as the RAA app may save you more than $30 if you’re filling up the tank.”

Mr Borlace said the spike was part of Adelaide’s usual unleaded petrol price cycle, and not in response to crude oil prices increasing due to the current conflict in Southern Israel.

“We’ll be waiting to see what impact the conflict in the Middle East has on Australia’s retail petrol prices, but it usually takes at least two to three weeks for crude oil price rises to flow through to the pump here.

“In that time the market may stabilise, but this will depend on a range of factors.

“The current unleaded price rises in Adelaide are part of the regular cycle and our advice is to shop around and fill up if you see it cheap as you usually would.” To find the cheapest petrol in your area, download the RAA app or visit