Drivers urged to fill up before petrol spikes

5 January, 2024

South Australian motorists are being encouraged to fill up their tanks as Adelaide’s ULP prices hover around the bottom of the price cycle ahead of the weekend. 

The average ULP price in Adelaide on Thursday afternoon was 171 cents per litre – with many outlets selling unleaded for less than 165c per litre. 

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said drivers heading home from trips away this weekend are likely to find cheaper fuel once they’re back in the city. 

“Adelaide’s unleaded fuel price cycle looks to be at around the lowest point of the cycle, so now is the time to fill up if you see it cheap,” Mr Borlace said. 

“If you’re returning from the regions this week, use a real-time fuel price tool like the RAA app to check the prices in your area versus the city. 

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace

“If it’s cheaper in town, our advice is to only fill up as much as you need to get home, when you should be able to make an easy saving by taking advantage of the metropolitan price cycle.” 

Mr Borlace said the unleaded price cycle was often less predictable around holiday periods, but that the next spike was unlikely to be far away. 

“Some retailers held their higher prices for slightly longer over the Christmas-New Year period, so the average ULP price took a few more days than usual to return to the bottom of the cycle. 

“If the cycle follows its regular pattern from here, prices will likely start to peak to more than $2.00 over the next few days. 

“So, as always, shop around and if you see it for around 170c per litre, take advantage of the price cycle and fill up the whole tank, so you don’t have to buy more during the next spike.” 

Mr Borlace said diesel users could use the RAA app to find the cheapest price near them, but there likely wouldn’t be as big a difference between metropolitan and regional outlets. 

To find the cheapest fuel in your area, download the RAA app