Fuel up now and save before the long weekend

4 June, 2024

Unleaded fuel prices are spiking across Adelaide ahead of the long weekend – with drivers being urged to shop around now to make a saving of almost $30.

As of Tuesday morning there are several outlets in metropolitan Adelaide selling petrol for around $1.70 per litre, compared with $2.09 at most outlets that have put their prices up.

Motorists who use the RAA app to compare prices save an average of $315 per year just by shopping around for cheaper fuel.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said drivers heading away for the long weekend should fill up now if they see low prices in their area.

“Thousands of drivers will be looking to fuel up ahead of the long weekend – and every dollar counts in household budgets right now,” Mr Borlace said.

“ULP prices have been at the bottom of the cycle for a few days, so motorists are running out of time to fill the tank at those low prices.

“We recommend using an app like the RAA app to compare prices in your area – there are still bargains to be had and you should be able to find a cheap location near you.

“If you need to fill up a 65-litre tank before the weekend, it would mean a saving of around $26 if you compare prices and find a cheap option.

“And if you miss out, check the ULP price at your destination because it’s likely to be cheaper in the regions this weekend.”

ULP is currently selling for around $1.90 per litre at some regional destinations.

To find the cheapest petrol in your area, download the RAA app or visit