Get your bushfire plan ready as things heat up

29 December, 2023

RAA is urging South Australians to make sure their Bushfire Survival Plans are up to date and ready to be actioned as the weather continues to slowly warm up across the state.  

After a relatively cool and wet start to summer this year, RAA is echoing the CFS advice to:

  1. Prepare now: Clear around your property, pack an emergency kit and know your closest Bushfire Safer Place. 
  1. Plan ahead: Do your 5-minute bushfire plan and share it with loved ones today, and plan for all your pets and livestock. 
  1. Stay informed: Check the fire danger rating each day and stay informed using more than one source of information in case a fire starts near you. 

RAA insurance Chief Executive Tara Page said bushfires could be devastating for people and property and having an up-to-date bushfire plan could make all the difference.  

“We’ve had a lot of wet weather at the start of summer this year and we don’t want people to become complacent or lower their guard,” Ms Page said.  

“As summer continues to heat up across the state, the risk of bushfires will continue to increase.  

“We’re urging residents and homeowners to make sure they’re bushfire ready.  

“People can begin by reducing fire fuel around their home, remove flammable objects from verandas and clear your gutters.  

“As always, you should ensure your bushfire plan is updated as people’s circumstances can change form year to year, as well as the latest advice from the CFS and other authorities.”  

Ms Page also said the thousands of holiday-makers who travel around South Australia for summer holidays should remain vigilant regarding the bushfire danger. 

“If you’re travelling through the state be sure to check the daily fire danger alerts and be aware of the applicable fire bans,’’ she said. 

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