Mobile phone detection cameras set to catch distracted drivers from this week

17 June, 2024

Motorists are being urged to put their mobile phones away with Adelaide’s new detection cameras set to become operational this week.

More than 31,000 drivers have been caught using their phone behind the wheel by SA Police in the past five years – costing motorists more than $13 million in fines.

Adelaide’s new mobile phone detection cameras are set to begin recording from Wednesday 19 June for a three-month grace period until September, during which drivers caught on their phones will receive a warning.

RAA is reminding drivers that it’s safest to put their phone away and out of view to avoid being distracted.

If fully-licenced drivers want to use their phone for navigation, it must be in a dedicated holder or cradle that doesn’t obstruct their view.

The state’s peak motoring group is also reminding SA motorists that:

  • Motorists must be legally parked (in Park, with the handbrake on) before using their mobile device.
  • Bluetooth or hands-free technology should be used to make or receive a phone call while driving (and keep the call short!)
  • Navigation function or audio/music needs to be loaded before setting off or when legally parked.
  • Learner and P1 drivers are not permitted to use their phone for any reason – including for navigation or Bluetooth/hand-free calls.

RAA Senior Manager Road Safety Charles Mountain said distraction was one of the Fatal 5 causes of road trauma.

“These new mobile phone detection cameras being operational should serve as a timely reminder for drivers not to ever be tempted to touch their phone when they’re driving,” Mr Mountain said.

“You’re four times more likely to be involved in a crash while using a mobile phone – so it’s best to put your device away completely until you reach your destination.

“If you want to use GPS or navigation on your phone, the Australian Road Rules (Reg 300) makes it clear that your phone needs to be secured in a cradle that is commercially designed and manufactured for that purpose and is affixed to the vehicle – nor should it obstruct your visibility.”

Mobile phone detection cameras will be operating at five key locations across Adelaide:

  • Southern Expressway, Darlington
  • South Road, Torrensville
  • North South Motorway, Regency Park
  • Port Road, Hindmarsh
  • Port Wakefield Road, Gepps Cross

If you have a question about road rules, contact RAA’s Road Safety team on or 8202 4517.