RAA Charge turns one, powering SA into a cleaner future

2 March, 2024

Since the launch of its first electric vehicle charging site 12 months ago, RAA has delivered a whopping 122 charging sites out of the planned 140, with the statewide network on track to be completed this year. 

RAA CEO Nick Reade said the rapid rollout meant South Australia now has more public fast chargers per registered EV than any mainland state. 

“We’re very proud to be leading the charge in SA, and paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable state. 

“Since we launched our first charging site at Marion Holiday Park a year ago, we have delivered fast and reliable EV charging all over the state, with a network now comprising 362 charging bays in 122 locations.  

“Importantly, 75% of our charging sites are located in regional areas spanning from Elliston in the far west to Mount Gambier in the southeast.  

“Over the summer months we’ve seen usage of the network soar, with a spike in interstate visitors using the network.  

“We always knew the network would open up our regions to tourism, but it’s fantastic to see that confirmed before the network is complete,” he said.  

“The average split between users of the network is normally about 90% local and 10% interstate, but over the summer months we saw a much higher proportion of visitors and near 50/50 for locations on major routes and along the border with NSW and VIC,” Mr Reade said. 

With two 150kW Rapid charging sites at Ceduna and Elliston coming online this month, and a further location planned along the Nullarbor, the WA/SA border is being opened up to attract more EV tourism.  

Over the 12-month period, the network has been used more than 22,000 times and provided enough power to travel over 3 million kilometres – the equivalent of driving around the world 80 times.  

Collectively, the users of the network have saved about half a million dollars in fuel when compared to the cost of electricity, and helped abate over 4,000 tonnes in transport related carbon emissions. 

“Historically, we know the lack of EV charging infrastructure has been one of the main barriers to purchase for many South Aussies, but this is really starting to change.  

“Once complete, the network will comprise of 140 charging sites, located no more than 200km apart – well within the driving range of a typical EV,” Mr Reade said.  

The RAA Charge network is being rolled out with the support of a $12.35 million grant provided by the Government of South Australia.    

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