RAA supports plan to spark an increase SA’s electric vehicle fleet

26 August, 2021

RAA welcomes the State Government’s announcement encouraging motorists to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) by making them more affordable.

The state’s largest member organisation also supports the government’s decision to delay the introduction of a road user charge on EVs until more are being driven on South Australian roads.

The $3,000 government subsidy on the purchase of a new EV will make them more affordable and bring SA into line with the bonuses available to many other interstate buyers, RAA Mobility Technology Specialist Mark Borlace said.

“The announcement, together with last year’s $18.3 million investment in charging infrastructure, is definitely a step in the right direction,’’ he said. 

“A recent RAA survey found that more than 40 per cent of motorists were considering buying an EV when purchasing their next motor vehicle, but many said affordability remained a barrier to making the switch. 

Mr Borlace said the decision to delay an EV road user charge until 1 July 2027, or when the sale of electric vehicles reaches 30 per cent of new motor vehicle sales in SA, whichever is earlier, was a welcome move which would support the uptake of EVs in SA and align us with NSW. 

“RAA is committed to the increased uptake of zero and low emission vehicles in SA, but we also see the importance of reforming the tax system to reflect declining revenue from fuel excise and the need to ensure road transport is sustainably funded,’’ he said.

“The delay of a road user charge, along with an incentive package, should support EV uptake and ensure we have a sustainable transport funding model going forward.’’