RAA survey reveals community concern over condition of Eyre Peninsula roads

15 August, 2023

An RAA survey of more than 1,300 Eyre Peninsula (EP) residents found that 43 per cent of respondents rated local road network unsatisfactory.  

The EP roads requiring urgent maintenance, according to those surveyed, include:

  • Lincoln Highway (63%)
  • Flinders Highway (40%)
  • Eyre Highway (32%)

Notably, 87% of respondents noticed an increase in truck movements since the closure of the EP grain rail lines in 2019 – contributing to faster deterioration of the road network.

RAA Senior Manager Road Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the survey results showed there was a level of concern in the community about the condition of the EP road network.  

“The main roads of concern for locals are the Lincoln, Flinders and Eyre Highways,” Mr Mountain said.

“Many Eyre Peninsula residents reported the biggest issue was the significant increase in road freight into Port Lincoln and through townships as a result of the rail closure.

“The rise in heavy vehicles on the EP road network calls for a greater level of continuous road maintenance to ensure it remains safe for all road users.

“Across the state there is an estimated $2 billion backlog of road maintenance – and that backlog is growing at an alarming rate.

“Many of the roads have crumbling shoulders, raised sections and uneven surfaces – all of which pose a risk to safety.

“Our surveyed members also highlighted safety concerns of recent resurfacing of an overtaking lane on Flinders Highway which our road safety experts will be reviewing.”

Last week RAA’s road safety experts travelled to the EP to conduct a thorough road assessment of the network, collaborating with local stakeholders and communities. 

“To build on this survey, our road experts are producing their own report which we expect to be complete later this year,” Mr Mountain said.

“The preliminary observations found that many roads have suffered sections of road surface failure and rutting in the wheel paths due to higher vehicle volumes, particularly at intersections.  

“The move frequently nominated roads were particularly apparent along Flinders Highway, Lincoln Highway and Liverpool Street in the township of Port Lincoln.

“We’ll be releasing our comprehensive report later this year.”