RAA to light up the CBD skyline, thanks to green power

25 July, 2023

Green power will be used to light up the new RAA signs on Adelaide’s most iconic city building – RAA Place – which will be turned on for the first time tonight.

The new RAA signs are unlike anything seen before on the 91 King William Street building, with the ability to change colours. 

Each of the three locally built signs are lit up by 6,000 of the latest and most efficient multi-coloured LEDs.

Chief Marketing Officer Michael Healy said the decision to ensure the RAA sign was powered by renewable, green energy was indicative of the organisation’s commitment to sustainability and best practice.

“The new RAA signs are dynamic – able to change colour to promote and raise awareness for important causes – and just as importantly, they’ll be powered by green energy,” Mr Healy said.

“RAA is committed to creating a sustainable future for South Australia.

“We’ve committed to seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to guide our Environment and Social Impact policies and one of those is ‘affordable and clean energy’.

“As an organisation we’re making a concerted effort to reduce emissions and move towards a more sustainable, green future.

“That’s why as an organisation we’re committed to using green energy where possible, we’ve signed up to the EV fleet pledge to decarbonise our pool car fleet and are taking many other measures to meet our sustainability goals.”

The sign on the RAA Place building will be able to change colour to promote and raise awareness for social causes. Photo by The Advertiser.

Mr Healy said the completion of the RAA Place signage represented another milestone as the organisation continues to grow – in terms of our membership base and workforce.

“We’re growing our offerings for members in exciting areas like travel, home, solar and energy and the electric vehicle sector,” Mr Healy said.

“This has helped our membership base eclipse 800,000 South Australians and our workforce continues to grow as well – which is now more than 1,200 strong.”

The signs were built and installed by Ecept, an award winning and proud South Australian business.

Ecept’s Principal Ian Widdop said the new RAA sign was built with the latest and most efficient electrical technology.  

“The LED technology inside this sign helps to limit power consumption and delivers the best result, making sure the sign lights up Adelaide’s skyline and can be seen for miles,” Mr Widdop said.