Riders still dying at tragic rate on SA roads

18 October, 2023

Bicycle and motorbike riders are still being killed at an alarming rate on South Australian roads this year, prompting RAA to issue a stark reminder for all road users to take extra care on National Ride2Work Day.

A tragic seven cyclists have already lost their lives on SA roads (more than double the three for the whole of 2022), as well as 18 motorbike riders (up from 13 last year).

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain urged all South Australians to think about how vulnerable riders are on our roads.

“Today is National Ride2Work Day, which aims to encourage active travel for commuting, something RAA is fully supportive of,” Mr Mountain said.

“But today is also a stark reminder of this year’s reality – that cyclists and motorbike riders are still being killed on our roads at an absolutely tragic and alarming rate in 2023.

“The numbers are shocking, but they aren’t just numbers – each fatality is someone’s father, mother, son or daughter, and a gaping hole is left in a South Australian family.

“And this isn’t just a bad few weeks on our roads – it’s now clearly an alarming short-to-mid-term trend in the wrong direction.”

Mr Mountain encouraged South Australians to use National Ride2Work Day to have a conversation with their friends or colleagues about vulnerable road users.

“We’re urging drivers to look out for vulnerable road users whenever they’re behind the wheel, and for cyclists, motorbike riders and pedestrians to take extra care on our roads as well.

“Active travel like cycling has huge benefits for people and society – it improves mental health, reduces congestion on our roads and is better for the environment.

“We have to encourage it as a mode of transport – and drivers and cyclists alike all have a responsibility to be fully focused when they’re on the road.

“Think about if your best friend was riding their bike to work today, and drive as if you’re sharing the road with them.

“The consequences of having a serious crash can be catastrophic.”