Solar sales soar as electricity bills skyrocket

5 September, 2023

RAA has seen a 75% increase in home solar panel installations over the last 12 months as more South Australians look to combat their skyrocketing electricity bills.

Last financial year the state’s largest membership organisation installed more than 14,000 solar panels – up from 8,000 the previous year.

The massive growth in South Australians turning to home solar and battery comes as the Australian Energy Regulator announced an up to 23.9% increase in the price of electricity for the current financial year.

RAA’s General Manager of Home and Energy Ben Owen said more people were turning to home solar and battery to power their home and combat climbing electricity prices.

“Electricity bills are often one of the biggest annual expenses for South Australian households and businesses,” Mr Owen said.

“This year the AER announced a 23.9% increase in electricity prices, but our members are telling us their bills are coming in even higher as they grapple with the rising cost-of-living.

“Last year we saw a 75% growth in home solar panel installations and more than 50% growth in battery installations and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

“As electricity prices rise, some of our members are recouping their costs for the installation of their solar system in under three years.

“It’s the same with solar systems with batteries, some members are now paying those off in under six years.”

A household with an average energy consumption of 25kWh per day could be saving around $2,685 in the first year of having a home solar and battery system, as well as reducing their carbon emissions by 6.6 tonnes per year.

“If you’ve been thinking about getting a home solar and battery system, now is the time to invest,” Mr Owen said.

“Electricity prices are climbing quite rapidly so that means you would be saving more money on your electricity bill than you would’ve in previous years.

“A household using about 25kWh per day could be saving around $2,685 per year – that’s a massive difference.

“Households and families across the state are feeling the cost-of-living squeeze and home solar and battery is one way to ease that pressure.”