Speeding motorists missing the point on regional roads

10 November, 2022

More than 50,000 motorists have been busted by fixed Point to Point speed cameras in the past five years, latest figures show.

This is despite the highly visible clusters of fixed cameras being adorned with warning signs of their presence on major regional roads.

Latest SAPOL data shows 51,884 speeding offences were detected by the six set of cameras in the state in the past five financial years at a total cost of more than $26.5m in fines.

Both “Safety Camera Ahead” and “Average Speed Safety Camera Zone” warning signs are displayed at the start and end – and at intervals throughout the average speed detection area – to alert drivers of their presence.

The cameras calculate the average speed of a vehicle between two points, as well as the vehicle’s actual speed at each camera location.

The majority of the speeding offences (54%) were detected at an individual camera site while the rest (46%) are detected between the cameras. 

The set of cameras on the South Eastern Freeway between Nairne and Callington detected the greatest number of offences in this period, and the highest individual average speed recorded last financial year – 178km/h in the 110km/h zone – was on this stretch of road.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the number of motorists caught speeding despite the prominent warning signs was disconcerting.

“Maybe these drivers also have an issue with distraction,’’ he said.

“Motorists must remember they risk much more than a fine if they exceed the speed limit.

“Speeding – especially on roads with limits of 90km/h to 110km/h – can put not only you and your loved ones, but also other roads users at increased risk of death or serious injury.

Mr Mountain said the road safety message was timely give the looming summer school holidays and festive season, which will see many South Australians enjoying driving holidays across the state.

“However, we always urge drivers to be focussed remain vigilant and be aware of changing conditions exercise caution when travelling on regional roads,’’ he said. 

“Fatigue is the enemy of long-distance driving so ensure you plan in breaks every couple of hours to refresh and enable you to maintain concentration.

“Tragically, more lives are lost from crashes on regional roads each year than those in metropolitan areas.’’

Point to Point camera locations – 2017/18 to 2012/22FinesValue
South Eastern Freeway, between Nairne and Callington20,331 $10,290,601
Northern Expressway, between Waterloo Corner and Buchfelde10,529 $5,406,893
Port Wakefield Road, between Two Wells and Port Wakefield8,231 $4,271,311
Victor Harbor Road, between McLaren Vale and Willunga5,577 $2,785,796
Sturt Highway, between Lowbank and Wigley Flat3,647$1,911,265
Dukes Highway, between KiKi and Coonalpyn3,569$1,883,377
Source SAPOL