Motorists ‘appy with the chance to save money at the bowser

26 May, 2022

Demand for real-time fuel prices on RAA’s app has surged with the rise in fuel costs, our latest figures show.

The feature on our myRAA app – freely available to the public – provides the price of petrol and other fuels at every service station across the state in real time to help drivers find the cheapest prices in their neighbourhood or along their journey.

The information has been available on our app since Real-Time Fuel Pricing was introduced by the SA Government in mid-March last year.

In its first full month of operation in April 2021, more than 53,000 users accessed fuel prices on myRAA app.

Last month almost 69,000 users checked the price of fuel, a 30 per cent spike in the first year of operation.

In total, there have been around 250,000 users who have made more than 4 million fuel price checks since the money saving tool became available on our myRAA app.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said two key factors were driving the motorists demand for real-time pricing.

“One is the increasing awareness of motorists that Real-Time Fuel Pricing is available on apps,’’ he said.

“The other is the surge in fuel prices, which is putting a squeeze on household budgets.

“The average petrol price in Adelaide on Monday was 212.9c per litre – up from an average 131.9c per litre on the same day last year.

“That’s a massive 61 per cent increase in petrol costs, so it’s no wonder more motorists are shopping around for the cheapest price.’’

Mr Borlace said motorists not using an app to find the cheapest prices were probably wasting money at the pump.

“A survey of motorists using our app showed they were saving almost $30 a month,’’ he said. 

“The real-time pricing information available via our app is especially valuable during petrol price spikes.

“Real-Time Fuel Pricing was introduced on a two year trial basis; however we believe it should be adopted permanently.’’