New funding to sort fuel consumption fact from fiction

17 November, 2022

RAA believes car buyers have a right to accurate information about a vehicle’s fuel consumption and environmental performance, and new funding is set to give Australian motorists just that.

Overseas laboratory measurements of cars and their associated fuel use and emissions often don’t match the actual results of driving on Australian roads. The differences can be substantial, with an Australian Automobile Association (AAA) pilot study of 30 cars finding vehicles can use up to 59% more fuel than advertised.

That’s why RAA welcomes recently-announced Commonwealth funding to address this problem through local tests on local roads. The $14 million in funding to the AAA will enable it and its member clubs, including RAA, to conduct and publish real-world emissions tests for new Australian cars.

RAA’s Mark Borlace said some motorists are spending hundreds of dollars a year more than expected on petrol because their car’s fuel consumption is significantly more than that claimed by manufacturers.

“We have been seeking funding for this facility because there is a serious difference between fuel consumption guides provided and what is really achieved and people need better tests in place.”

Moving forward

RAA expects real-world emissions testing to have a near-term impact on the new car market, and for it to benefit the second-hand car market within the next few years. It will also send a strong message to manufacturers that Australian buyers are now better informed.

The new testing regime will:

  • Enable you to make a more informed new vehicle purchase decision
  • Make choosing a more efficient car easier
  • Deliver environmental benefits
  • Drive down costs.

It’s expected the funding will allow the testing of about 60 vehicles each year.

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