New road rules and child restraint options introduced

3 April, 2024

New changes to the Australian Road Rules have come into effect this week, helping to clarify responsibilities of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in some scenarios.  

Among the new rules is a requirement for drivers entering a road from a road related area (such as a carpark), to give way to any vehicle doing a U-turn on that road, and a national adoption of South Australia’s existing requirement for drivers to give way to cyclists and pedestrians crossing a road they’re entering. 

Also introduced this week is a relaxation of rules child restraints for children with a medical condition or disability. 

Previously the sale of non-standard child restraints was prohibited, meaning this change opens the door to special needs children being able to access a suitable restraint, provided their parent or carer carries a medical certificate. 

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the changes were welcomed.  

“RAA is supportive of the amendments to the Australian Road Rules which clarify some situations on the road for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians,” Mr Mountain said. 

“The adoption of nationally consistent rules regarding drivers’ responsibility to give way to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road that the driver is turning into will make it safer for vulnerable road users.  

Relaxed child restraint rules will help special needs children access suitable restraints

“RAA also welcomes the relaxation of the child restraint rules to assist the safe transportation of children with a medical conditions or disability – noting caregivers will need to carry a certificate from a medical practitioner to allow for the use of a particular restraint. 

“We encourage all South Australian road users to familiarise themselves with the changes and call our road safety team on 8202 4517 if you have any questions.” 

The key changes to the Australian Road Rules introduced this week include: 

  • Drivers entering a road from a road-related area (e.g. carpark) must give way to those doing a U-turn on the road
  • U-turns at crossings are prohibited (including children’s crossings, level crossings, marked foot crossings and pedestrian crossings)
  • ARR will adopt SA’s existing law that requires drivers to give way to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road the driver is entering. 
  • Cyclists can now claim the lane when entering a roundabout 
  • ARR will adopt SA’s bus only lane provisions 
  • Parking in an electric vehicle parking area (and not charging) will now attract a fine 
  • Clarification a vehicle can be considered ‘parked’ for the purposes of using an electronic device even if the ignition is running 
  • A new offence prohibiting the interruption of a funeral procession. 

More detail can be found at My Licence – Road rules – Road rules amendments

The Australian Road Rules (ARR) is a national body of laws governing the use of roads, footpaths and other shared spaces and are regularly reviewed by transport officials and police to improve road safety. 

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