October Overview: RAA Charge expands regionally with new Rapid sites

6 November, 2023

With four new Rapid 150kW and one Destination 7kW sites electric vehicle charging sites coming online in October, the RAA Charge network is unlocking South Australia’s picturesque regions for EV drivers this summer.   

The RAA Charge network is the State’s first border-to-border network with 75% of the charging sites located in regional South Australia.  

The network’s Rapid charging sites allow EV drivers to recharge their cars within 10-45 minutes when traveling regionally and brings the total number of operational sites to 79.  

The charging sites delivered in October are:

Rapid 150kW sites:

  • Waterfront Carpark, Cowell
  • Riverfront Reserve Carpark, Morgan
  • Churchill Centre, Kilburn
  • West Terrace Carpark, Tumby Bay

Destination 7kW sites:

  • Loxton Courthouse, Loxton

RAA Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said construction of the RAA Charge network was progressing well.

“RAA is proud to play a pivotal role in opening crucial regional routes in our State this summer, making popular tourist destinations more accessible for EV drivers.

“Once complete in 2024, the charging network will cover 140 locations with over 530 charging points, with 98% of them less than 200 km apart, making range anxiety a thing of the past for EV drivers.

“South Australia currently has over 5,000 battery electric vehicles on its roads and this number is steadily increasing each year.

“Through RAA Charge, we’re ensuring the necessary infrastructure is in place to support the fast-growing demand for EVs, so potential buyers can be confident about the available charging options,” Mr. Reade said.

EV drivers can download the Chargefox app to locate their nearest charger, initiate charging and complete payment.

The RAA Charge network is being delivered with the support of a $12.35 million grant from the Government of South Australia.

To learn more about the network, visit