On your bike for National Ride2Work Day

19 October, 2022

Today might be a good excuse to dust down your trusty treadley and take part in Ride2Work Day.

This Wednesday, October 19, is National Ride to Work Day and an opportunity to combine some exercise and reduce your regular commute’s carbon footprint.

And over a short distance, it may also be the fastest door to door means of transport, according to RAA’s Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain.

“Tomorrow’s event means that there are likely to be more people on two wheels in addition to the regular riders we see on cycle paths and using cycle lanes on our roads,’’ he said.

“We can also expect to see an increase in commuting and recreational cyclists as we move into warmer weather.

“So, our message is for everyone to share our roads safely.’’

Mr Mountain had some safety advice for those getting back on the bike after a winter hibernation.

  • Check which routes you will take – it might be different depending on whether you’re riding to work or riding home
  • Check your bike – make sure the tyres are pumped up and have plenty of tread, both brakes are working properly, and you have a least a red reflector and preferably lights as well
  • A comfortable well-fitting helmet is mandatory and hi-vis clothing is a good idea
  • Also make sure anything you are carrying is well secured to you or the bike – no dropped phones or laptops mid intersection!
  • A weather check is also a good idea    

Mr Mountain had safety advice for drivers as well.

  • Motorists need to watch out for more cyclist traffic and be particularly careful when opening doors
  • Do not rely just on your door mirror as in most modern vehicle these have wide angle mirrors that make cyclist and vehicle appear much further away than they actually are!
  • Always check for cyclists on the road when turning left so you don’t cut them off   
  • When turning into another road or street, remember to give way to both pedestrians and any cyclists who might be riding on the footpath
  • When turning right, particularly on multi-lane roads, always check for cyclists as they can be obscured by other traffic
  • Remember to keep the all-important 1 metre gap when passing on roads with a 60km/h speed limit or lower and 1.5 meter gap at higher speed limits  

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