Our reminder to stay safe on the sand this summer

12 January, 2022

With the mercury in South Australia reaching the best part of 40 degrees this week, we’re asking drivers to be extra careful if taking their car to a drive-on beach.

There are some brilliant beaches that allow vehicles in SA – from Sellicks Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula to Long Beach at Robe – but they can put you at risk of being bogged, or worse.

Our road safety team is urging drivers to be vigilant and prepared if they’re planning on taking tyres to sand this summer.

“Beaches are popular spots, and great places to take our children and pets, so it’s as important as ever to be mindful of safety precautions when driving on them,” says our Senior Traffic Engineer, Matt Vertudaches.

“Drivers should always drive to the conditions on beaches, because you never know when a stray pet or child will run out in front of you on a beach.

“Generally, you shouldn’t be travelling more than 10km/h where there are high concentrations of pedestrians and other vehicles.”

“Normal road rules apply when driving on beaches, so you should always wear a seatbelt, avoid drugs and alcohol, and pay proper attention at all times.”

Beyond that, we’re also reminding motorists to ensure they’re well prepared, to reduce the risk of being bogged or having car trouble.

“Some beaches are recommended for four-wheel drives only, so it’s best to check with the relevant council to see if the one you’re visiting is one of them,” says Matt.

“We generally advise against taking a two-wheel drive or SUV on the sand because you can’t guarantee how soft the surface is.”

For more detailed advice on beach driving, including what to take with you to avoid disaster, read our recent article from samotor here.