Solar and battery advice you can trust

29 October, 2021

We’re addressing the ‘pain points’ which are slowing the uptake of renewable energy in the home with our own solar and battery storage service.

RAA spokeswoman Kerry Bowles said cost of living was an issue effecting all our members and energy costs were a considerable part of people’s household bills.

“We wanted to tackle high power prices and associated bill shock through the provision of solar and batter services,’’ she said.

“However, our research uncovered that pain points were getting in the way of people adopting technology or getting a solution that best meets their needs.

“We discovered that members in many cases didn’t know who they could trust for advice.

“They were also worried that installers might not be in business for the full length of a system’s warranty, which can be for up 25 years.’’

Ms Bowles said householders wanted someone to make it simple to understand and weigh up the benefits of switching to solar, including estimations of when the system will pay for itself.

“So RAA decided to enter the market and make solar simple by offering a range of packages to suit different household budgets and needs with a member based organisation they could trust,’’ she said.

“RAA experts can offer simple solar panel deals, deals which also include batteries and batteries for householders who already have solar panels.

“Addressing these pain points led to the discovery of others. Many members sought our advice as to which electricity plan was best for them and their home energy system.”

RAA has partnered with Simply Energy to co-design a suite of battery electricity plans that help members save more on their home electricity costs.

“We have recently also introduced Home EV chargers which can be almost 10 times more powerful than regular wall outlets to charge an electric vehicle.’’

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