Overseas holiday destinations open up – but don’t forget your travel insurance

18 November, 2021

International holidays are back as borders are re-opened but RAA Travel is warning vacationers to be prepared a new world of red tape.

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman is urging people to not miss the important travel requirements as they get swept up in the excitement of heading overseas

This includes many European and Asia countries requiring travellers to have COVID-specific travel insurance to provide cover for the cost of treatment if they contract the disease or are forced into quarantine, she said.

“I’d certainly encourage people to book with a travel agent, given the extent of red tape now involved in international travel, and avoid disappointment through an oversight,’’ she said.

In response to the new regulations, RAA Travel this week introduced a new insurance policy to help meet the mandatory COVID-19 cover required in 28 Asian and European countries.

Members and customers who purchase RAA Travel Insurance Premium Cover will be covered for some COVID-related issues.

“For example, if they were to contract the COVID-19 virus overseas their medical and hospital expenses would be covered, along with cancellation costs if they were diagnosed with the virus prior to leaving or during the holiday,’’ Ms Norman said.

“The policy also includes some cover for travel expenses if a travel companion was to contract the virus, or they need to return home due to a relative being ill with COVID-19.

“Also covered is the cost of quarantining overseas if they’re a close contact, or they need to change accommodation if their original accommodation is shut for COVID-19 cleaning.’’

Ms Norman said there was no requirement for a person to be vaccinated for Covid-19 to purchase this policy.

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