Pump up the savings as fuel excise bites

19 October, 2022

RAA has revealed the cheapest service stations in Adelaide as the resumption of the full fuel excise flows through to the pump.

Petrol prices surged to almost $2 for ULP as part of the latest price cycle peak. Adelaide’s average ULP price last reached $2 a litre on July 9.

Mr Borlace said the 25c per litre increase in the Federal Fuel Excise will add around $15 to the cost of filling the tank of a typical family sedan.

The excise was temporarily cut in March by the Morrison government in an effort to reduce cost of living pressures.

An Adelaide petrol price board in the good old days of 2021

Mr Borlace is urging motorists to use real-time fuel pricing apps to save money at the pump.

“We surveyed 600 myRAA app users in July last year and found they were saving an average $28.10 a month – or $337.20 a year – by comparing prices charged at various service stations before filling up,’’ he said.

“So, regardless of the fluctuations at the pump due to the price cycle or level of excise being charged, shopping around using our free app will save you money.’’

Mr Borlace said there had been 5.3 million free fuel price checks on the myRAA app since it was launched in March last year, when real-time fuel pricing was made available by the SA government.

“Fuel prices are historically high and there’s no doubt this is putting pressure on household budgets.”

“So just as you would shop around for lower interest rates and cheaper groceries, so too should you shop around for savings at the pump by using our myRAA app, which is freely available to all motorists.’’

Below are the 20 cheapest servos based on the average ULP price charged in the past six months.

In comparison, Adelaide’s average ULP price for the same period was 183.6c per litre

Costco Kilburn166.5c
Ampol Foodary Para Hills168.5c
Liberty Clarence Gardens173.1c
Caltex Plympton South173.4c
Ampol St Agnes174.6c
EG Ampol O’Halloran Hill177.3c
United Petroleum Elizabeth South178.4c
OTR O’Halloran Hill178.4c
OTR Elizabeth South178.4c
Southern Cross Fullham Gardens178.9c
Ampol St Marys178.9c
United Rosewater179.1c
OTR Darlington179.2c
OTR Alberton179.2c
X Convenience 46 Phillip Highway179.3c
X Convenience Gepps Cross179.4c
OTR Broadview179.4c
Caltex Stepney179.4c
Caltex Woolworths Elizabeth179.5c
Liberty Seaford180c
Prices based on six months average to 14/10/2022