RAA and Port Adelaide share powerful plea for road safety

13 April, 2022

RAA and the Port Adelaide Football Club have important road safety advice for the thousands of South Aussies heading off for a driving holiday this Easter.

This includes Power fans flocking to watch their beloved team’s clash with Carlton at the MCG in Melbourne this Sunday.

RAA road safety expert Charles Mountain and Port Adelaide defender Darcy Byrne-Jones are pleading with motorists to help keep South Australia fatality free at Easter for the first time in five years.

Tragically, 15 lives have been lost on South Australian roads in the past decade during Easter, Mr Mountain said.

“And sadly, we haven’t had a fatality free Easter since 2017,’’ he said.

“Statistics show that 70 per cent of all fatal crashes occur on the regional road network, that’s why this is such a timely road safety reminder.

“Distraction is one of the major contributors towards fatal crashes on our regional road network.

“Often this results in running off the road, roll-over crashes, hitting fixed objects or even running into vehicles coming in the opposite direction.’’

Mr Mountain also had advice for motorists returning from their driving holiday.

“When you are returning home, please ensure you allow sufficient time to get back safely, remembering that often the roads are a little more congested as everyone heads back,’’ he said.

“Plan those breaks if you are travelling extra distances as well.’’

Byrne-Jones said: “We are really excited to hopefully see as many fans as possible come over for the Easter weekend game against Carlton, but our message is to plan your trip and drive safely.

“It’s going to be really busy on the roads with school holidays and Easter, so plan ahead to take regular breaks so that everyone gets to the game and returns home safely.’’