RAA breaks ground on South Australia’s EV charging network

23 December, 2022

The rollout of South Australia’s EV charging network is here, with construction underway at several site locations across metro and greater Adelaide.

The first batch of AC fast chargers are being installed at new sites in Marion, Woodside, West Lakes, Hahndorf, Mount Gambier, and the Adelaide CBD and are expected to be available for use by the end of January.

They’re the first of more than 140 planned charging sites being installed for South Australia’s border-to-border EV charging network. The network will be a mix of AC (fast) and DC (rapid and ultra-rapid) charging sites, with at least 75% of the sites planned for regional SA.

RAA CEO Nick Reade said the construction is a milestone moment in South Australia’s transition to electric vehicles, with the network expected to play a key role in accelerating the uptake of EVs.

“At RAA, we know electric and zero emissions vehicles are the future, here and around the world,” Mr Reade said.

“RAA research shows 62% of members are looking at an EV as their next vehicle, but commitment to purchase is curbed by a lack of available charging infrastructure. This network will go a long way to allay these range anxiety fears and take the stress out of journey planning for EV drivers travelling and holidaying across South Australia.”

RAA CEO Nick Reade

The network is an initiative of the State Government, who awarded RAA a grant earlier this year to establish what will be the nation’s first State border-to-border EV charging network right here in SA.

Construction of the network is expected to ramp up in the New Year with several more site locations scheduled for installation – including the first DC rapid and ultra-rapid charging sites. The network will be a mix of 80+ AC (fast) and 50+ DC (rapid and ultra-rapid) charging sites.

AC chargers will support Type 2 plugs and provide a maximum charging output of 7kW, making their use more appropriate for accommodation precincts and day-time car parks where drivers have greater time to recharge their EVs. Rapid charging sites will have CCS2 plugs and can produce 150kW maximum output. Ultra-rapid charging sites will have both CCS2 and CHAdeMO plugs and can produce 200kW maximum output.

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