RAA breaks ground on two new Ultra-rapid EV charging sites along the Spencer Gulf

20 May, 2024

With more than 90 per cent of its statewide electric vehicle charging network now complete, RAA has begun construction of two new Ultra-rapid charging sites at Port Augusta and Kadina this month.

The fast chargers will allow EV drivers to charge their car in as little as 10-40 minutes, further unlocking the state’s Mid North and West Coast.

Earlier this month, the RAA Charge network completed the Eyre Peninsula stretch of the network and launched its first eight-bay 200kW Charging Hub at Port Pirie.

In less than 12 months, more than 20 Rapid and Ultra-rapid charging sites have been built between Adelaide and Ceduna – with almost all sites located no more than 200km apart.

Once complete later this year, the network will comprise of more than 530 charging bays spanning across 140 locations, including 54 Rapid and Ultra-rapid charging sites.

RAA Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said the network will help drive the next generation of motoring enthusiasts to towns along the Spencer Gulf and Eyre Peninsula, making regional travel easier while boosting the local tourist economy.

“We know range anxiety is one of the major reasons motorists in Australia are hesitant to purchase EVs.

“As EV uptake increases across Australia, drivers expect to be able to navigate our national highway network and find a place to charge with ease.

“That’s why we are building 75% of our extensive network of chargers in regional towns like Port Augusta and Kadina, to make sure regional South Australia isn’t left behind in the transition to electric vehicles.

“Through our growing RAA Charge network, EV drivers will have the confidence to travel freely across the state, whenever and wherever they choose,” Mr Reade said.

Sites delivered in April

7kW Destination Sites

Kangaroo Island Airport, Cygnet River

Tea Tree Plaza ‘Park n Ride’, Modbury

Sites under construction in May

200kW Ultra-rapid sites

Frances Terrace, Kadina

Port Augusta South, Port Augusta

The RAA Charge network is being rolled out with the support of a $12.35 million grant provided by the Government of South Australia.

To locate your nearest charger, initiate charging and complete payment, download the Chargefox app.

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