RAA is charging ahead with SA’s Electric Vehicle Network

15 February, 2023

RAA has today unveiled its new brand for South Australia’s first border-to-border electric vehicle (EV) charging network – RAA Charge.

RAA, in partnership with the State Government, is installing EV charging stations at 140 locations around South Australia – with the first wave set to come online in just weeks.

Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said RAA was charging ahead with the rollout of the network and promoting EVs given rapidly increasing interest and demand for these vehicles from RAA’s members.

“RAA has its roots in pioneering and being at the forefront of motor vehicle technology,” Mr Reade said.

“In 1903 we were leading the way servicing internal combustion engines and in 2023 we’re leading the way again, building the EV charging network for the future.   

“There’s no doubt that electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are the most sustainable and green ways to power vehicles going forward, but there are a few hurdles to overcome first.

“The feedback we’ve received is that South Australians still have a lot of questions about this technology – we see it as our role to help drive that education piece and support people who own or are considering buying an EV.

“The most common concerns are pricing, as well as ‘range anxiety’ – people want to know how far they can travel and if the infrastructure is in place to support longer journeys.

“In 1903 when RAA began, ‘range anxiety’ was a major concern for motorists as the first internal combustion engines had a very limited range.

“In the early 1900’s RAA coordinated the delivery of cans of oil to people’s front doors and regional locations, so these vehicles could travel longer distances.

“Fast forward 120 years and RAA is again solving the ‘range anxiety’ problem for the latest vehicle technology.  

RAA CEO Nick Reade

“In conjunction with the state government, we’re building one of the first border-to-border EV charging networks in the country with over 140 locations – it’s called RAA Charge and it will help put an end to ‘range anxiety’ in South Australia.

“That means next year you’ll be able to drive your EV from Bordertown in the South East, past Ceduna on the West Coast, and everywhere in between.”

Mr Reade said industry is confident the price of EVs is coming down and in the next few years the cost to produce an EV will reach parity with combustion engine vehicles.

“Demand for EVs is now far outstripping supply with the latest EV Council report showing EV purchases in Australia have grown from about 21,000 new cars in 2021 to 40,000 in 2022,” Mr Reade said.

“We know Australians love driving holidays and the EV charging network we’re building will help unlock tourism opportunities in our regions for EV owners.

“It will make it possible for those in electric vehicles to travel and holiday anywhere in the state, from the beautiful Riverland region, the wild West Coast, Kangaroo Island and everywhere in between.”

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This is an indicative map of the statewide EV charging network. Locations may change as site scoping works are completed.