RAA is upskilling for the EV wave

22 February, 2023

RAA is upskilling its roadside assistance mechanics and helping build capability in its approved repairer network to service electric vehicles (EVs), as more motorists choose to drive EVs.

With almost 800,000 members, South Australia’s largest membership-based organisation is ensuring it can provide services to meet the needs of all members – no matter what vehicle they drive.

Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said RAA was ensuring its roadside assistance workforce had the skills to service EVs and was helping build capability within its approved repairer network.  

“RAA will be there to help our members no matter what car they drive – petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric,” Mr Reade said.

“From our point of view, there’s two main parts to servicing EVs, there’s the roadside assistance element and approved repairer element.

“Our workforce is ready to provide roadside assistance for EVs and our patrols have a level of EV training.

“That means our patrols will be able to fix the more common issues people with EVs face on the road, like flat starter 12-volt batteries and EV charging issues.

“We’re able to offer an equivalent level of roadside assistance for EVs as we currently do for the traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as hybrids.

“As more and more EVs start appearing on our roads, we’ll be further upskilling our mechanics in the near future.

“There’s also currently a skills shortage of qualified or EV trained mechanics outside of dealerships though.

“We’ve got almost 800,000 members and more than 400 businesses within our current approved repairer network.

“Having that approved repairer network available to our members is also a priority and part of the overall package of services we offer.

“That’s why last year we went out with an Expression of Interest to our approved repairer network to see what their capacity and level of interest was to service EVs.

RAA CEO Nick Reade with a Kempower EV charger

“We’re helping build capability within that network to be able to service EVs in the future to give motorists the option to have their EV serviced at one of our over 400 approved repairers.

“There’s actually some significant start-up costs and specialised equipment required to service an EV and given the current volume of EVs on South Australian roads, it’s hard for a lot of businesses to justify that cost.

“RAA has actually purchased some of that specialised equipment which we can loan out to approved repairers to help upskill the supply chain to service these vehicles.

“In the long run there’ll be no shortage of EV mechanics, outside of dealerships, but as this part of the industry is in its infancy – RAA is helping lead the way.”

Banner image: RAA Patrol Alex Samy – The Advertiser/Matt Loxton