Donation helps family belt up safely

26 October, 2021

A young South Australian family facing unexpected medical bills has had their child safety seats taken care of, thanks to RAA and radio station Mix102.3.

Jodi and Josh Logan, who are expecting their second child later this year, have long known that Jodi has a congenital heart condition. But they recently learned that it might be more serious than first thought.

“I’ve had heart issues my whole life and I’ve had a couple of heart surgeries before. But since being pregnant they’ve picked up that I’ve got a new problem,” Jodi said.

“We can’t quite put a name to it as to what it is because I have to wait and get all of my tests done once the baby is here. They (Jodi’s doctors) say it looks like I almost had a heart attack that’s gone untreated.”

With Jodi attending regular appointments at cardiologists, Josh was having to take time off work to care for their daughter, Olivia. As a casual worker, it was leaving him and the family out of pocket. It prompted them to enter Mix102.3’s Write Your Own Cheque Competition to apply for a financial contribution towards new child restraints for their car.

“It was due to the high-risk pregnancy I’ve been having, and out-of-pocket expenses with ongoing appointments. It was going to be a huge help with any contribution we could get,” Jodi said.

When the radio station came up with $1,200 to purchase the new seats, we decided to instead donate them so that Jodi and Josh could have both the seats and the cash. We also professionally installed them at their Child Safety Centre at RAA Mile End, SA – a vitally important part of the process given more than 80% of child restraints are incorrectly installed.

“It was a lot more than we were expecting,” Jodi said.

“It means the world to us, it means we can put some of our finances towards other things that we needed for the baby as well.

“It was a huge help.”

To purchase a child restraint or book a fitting with RAA, visit